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PAKISTAN RENEWABLE ENERGY SOCIETY (PRES) is engaged in promotion of Renewable / Alternative Energy Technologies in the country where special expertises are required to cross-examine data or undertake reviews from human perspective. PRES encourages individuals to make voluntary contribution on as and when required basis and who have relevant expertise, dedication & motivation to work for the promotion of Renewable / Alternative Energy Technologies in order to minimize the energy crises in the country & to increase the livelihood of the masses.


1. A person from any walk of life including Government, Semi Government, Private Sector and Individual can become a member of   PAKISTAN RENEWABLE ENERGY SOCIETY (PRES).

2. An individual willing to become a Volunteer / Member has to pay a Non-refundable Membership Fee of Rs.1,000/- (One Thousand Rupees Only). The Membership Fee should be paid in Easy Paisa Account No. 034152820295 

3. The minimum age for becoming a Volunteer / Member is 18 years.

4. Volunteer / Member must have a valid National Identity Card issued by NADRA.

5. Volunteer / Member will submit a copy of their National Identity Card and Two (02) Passport Size Color Photographs along with PRES Volunteers / Membership Form.

6. Membership shall be valid for One (01) Year.

7. Volunteer / Member must apply for renewal of their membership One (01) Month prior to the expiry of their membership.

8. Membership shall be renewed based on the past performance of Volunteers / Members.

9. Volunteer / Member shall have to pay a non-refundable fee of Rs.1,000/- (One Thousand Rupees Only) for renewal of membership for next One (01) Year.

10. Volunteer / Member will use the PRES Membership Card only for PRES’s work and not for their personal gains.

11. Membership shall be cancelled on following reasons: –

       a. If the Volunteer / Member’s conduct is unfair or unjustified.

      b. If the Volunteer / Member has lost interest in the affairs of the society and/or his/her activities are found detrimental to the  vision, mission and objectives of the society.

       c. Non payment of Annual Subscription Fee.

12. Volunteer / Member may resign from membership by writing under his / her hand addressed to the General Secretary. PRES reserves the right to accept / reject the resignation.


 By committing to donate money and/or voluntary expertise, an individual becomes a “Family Friend” of PRES and hence, entitled to certain benefits such as:

  1. Volunteer / Member can play a vital role for the betterment of the People and the Country.
  2. Volunteer / Member can play a key role in implementation of different projects.
  3. Membership card will be issued to each Volunteer / Member.
  4. Receipt of free information / materials of PRES.
  5. Free membership of PRES’s Information and Resource Center.
  6. Discount on PRES’s Publications and other material.
  7. Invitation to PRES Training Programmes, Seminars, Workshops, Discussion Forum, etc.
  8. Technical assistance to organize human rights groups and training them in their neighborhood and cities.
  9. Can become a focal person of PRES in the Area / City.
  10. Support in representing and highlighting local problems and issues with concerned authorities.
  11. Be eligible for consideration to attend PRES Annual General Body meetings as observers.
  12. Can give suggestions for the better policy and implementation of the projects.
  13. Receive regular updates on activities and events of the PRES.
1. Please download this form. Forms are present both in word and PDF formats.
PRES Membership Form (Word Format)
PRES Membership Form (PDF Format)
2. Complete the form and email back to membership@pres.org.pk
3. Make sure to attach the Photograph and National Identity Card.