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  1. To encourage the use of renewable/alternative energy everywhere in the country, through appropriate technology, scientific excellence, social responsibility and global communication.
  2. To develop and implement programs and activities directed at enhancing and accelerating the widespread use of renewable/alternative energy technologies in the country.
  3. To develop and improve the renewable/alternative energy industry in Pakistan.
  4. To facilitate the individual members of the renewable/alternative energy industry through the delivery of training and education.
  5. To work with all stakeholders in order to overcome the energy crises in the country.
  6. Bringing together industries, individuals and institutions in support of renewable/alternative energy technologies – through communication, co-operation, support and exchange.
  7. Applying practical projects, technology transfer, education, training and support to the issue of renewable/alternative energy development in the country.
  8. Ensuring individual and community growth through support of private enterprise and empowerment in the area of renewable/alternative energy.
  9. To provide scientifically credible and up-to-date renewable/alternative energy information and networking opportunities to the local & global communities of scientists, educators, practitioners, industries, policy makers and to the general public.
  10. Dissemination of information about renewable/alternative energy technologies, its benefits, applications etc through arranging workshops, seminars, trainings, and exhibitions in different cities of the country.
  11. To advise governments and organizations in policy, implementation and sustainability of renewable/alternative energy activities in the country.
  12. Promote capacity building services such as training and education on renewable/alternative energy.
  13. Provide information about the development and deployment of national and international technical standards in relation to renewable/alternative energy, based on a sound understanding through an active presence in the relevant forum.
  14. Disseminate knowledge and information and increase public awareness on the benefits and potential offered by renewable/alternative energy.
  15. To implement different renewable/alternative energy projects in the remote areas of the country in order to reduce poverty in the country.
  16. To work closely with the print and electronic media for the awareness and promotion of renewable/alternative energy technologies.
  17. To launch different awareness campaigns about renewable/alternative energy technologies among the masses.
  18. To bring together civil society workers, volunteers & social workers on a platform, in order to utilize their diversified experience and to take valuable inputs for the betterment of masses in an appropriate and professional manner.
  19. PRES will establish and set up or enter into partnership with other NGOs/ Organizations working for similar objectives, and will valuably contribute to their programs for the promotion of renewable/alternative energy technologies in the country.
  20. Liaison with different national and international NGOs working in renewable/alternative energy to promote their efforts more effective for a sustainable healthy change in the lives of underprivileged and deprived communities of the society.
  21. PRES will facilitate access to all relevant renewable/alternative energy information, including technical data, economic data and renewable/alternative resource potential data.