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Wapda working on more than 20 water sector projects

The WAPDA is working on more than 20 projects in water sector with cumulative water storage capacity of about 13MAF and power generation of more than 21,000MW. Completion of these projects would not only increase water storage capacity to help improve per-capita water availability but also enhance the ratio of low-cost hydel electricity in the national grid. Dilating upon the details of WAPDA projects, the sources said that authority had completed six water sector projects from last year onwards adding 4.13 MAF of water and 323MW hydel electricity, which included Mangla Dam Raising, Khan Khwar, Jinnah, Allai Khwar, Gomal Zam and Satpara Dam.

Amongst rest of the projects, Neelum Jhelum, Golen Gol, Keyal Khwar,

Tarbela 4th Extension, Diamer Bhasha, Dasu, Mohmand Dam and Bunji Hydropower Project are to name a few, they added.

For optimum utilisation of the water resources, they said WAPDA was also constructing small and medium-sized dams in all the four provinces and FATA in addition to its mega projects.

They said that Darawat Dam has also been completed, while construction work has also been initiated on Nai Gaj, Naulong and Ghabir Dam projects.

Referring to the fast-decreasing per capita water availability in

Pakistan, which has come down from 5650 cubic metre in 1947 to about 1000 cubic metre in 2013 due to rapid increase in population and natural phenomenon of sedimentation in water reservoirs, they said that the situation could only be improved by enhancing water storage capacity in the country.

They further said that water resources could also be utilised to add low-cost hydel electricity to the system.

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