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Use of waste for energy discussed

A WASTE to Energy presentation has been given by a US-based firm, Ecoair, at Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) office.

In a rare instance of its kind, LWMC gathered all possible stakeholders of waste to energy sector for briefing on the project. Ecoair, consultants of LWMC, had earlier visited the under-construction landfill facility, dumping site of the company and refused derived fuel (RDF) plant. The consultants also visited a number of industrial units to look into the possibilities of generation of electricity and heat and its use by the industry. They held discussions with the leading academicians and relevant experts as well.

A presentation was given to various stakeholders, including LWMC Board of Directors, LWMC MD Waseem Ajmal Chaudhry, experts and representatives from Chemical Engineering Department of University of Engineering and Technology, Environment Department, Health Department, The Urban Unit and Coal Department. Moreover, experts from paper industry, textile and hazardous waste management firms also attended the meeting. Franz Paul from Ecoair briefed the participants on various technologies used globally for waste to energy projects. He advocated using a technology which matched the low chalorofic value and high moisture control of waste of Lahore. He said that fluidized incineration technology might be the most suitable one for energy generation from waste keeping in view the characteristics of solid waste in Lahore.

He also proposed installation of waste to energy plants in industrial zones to utilise the heat and electricity in an efficient manner. He elaborated that such a plant of western standards could be installed by bearing a cost of 1 million to 5 million Euro for obtaining electricity from solid waste. He added that from this experience four years were required for a waste to energy plant to be fully functional depending upon various factors. He forecasted a span of four years for energy generation in Pakistan if the proposed model was followed in true spirit of the word.

The US delegation also held a question-answer session to gain feedback and impressions of the participants.

LWMC Managing Director Waseem Ajmal Chaudhary said the objective of the meeting was to provide a platform and opportunity to various public and private stakeholders to share their experiences with each other in local and global perspective. He said that waste to energy plant would not only provide electricity but also efficient processing and treatment of waste.

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