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USAID, KWSB plan energy efficiency measures

A delegation of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) visited the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) head office on Wednesday, to discuss measures for greater energy efficiency.

The delegation, headed by USAID Energy Efficiency and Capacity Program Deputy Mission Director Leon Waskin and Arif Pervaiz, met with KWSB Managing Director Misbahuddin Farid, Planning deputy managing director, S-III project director, chief engineer and other concerned officials.

Farid lauded the USAID’s efforts to bring the American and Pakistani nations closer and help improve Pakistan.

Highlighting the development projects undertaken by the agency, he said that the American people have always given importance to development in Karachi, citing the upgrade of around 100 motor pumps, completed at cost of approximately Rs 100 million, as a prime example.

“That project, initiated under the USAID Energy Efficiency and Capacity Program, helped increase water supply throughout Karachi, while also booting energy efficiency of our pumping stations,” said Farid.

The KWSB chief briefed the delegation over the unfortunate plight of the Dhabeji Pumping Station, stating that the pump, established in 1959, has always been upgraded in steps. “An immediate Energy Efficiency Audit of the Dhabeji station is vital. Most of the pumps are too old and have outlived their economic life. There is a serious lack of maintenance as well, owing to low budgets and unavailability of parts,” said Farid.

USAID Deputy Mission Director Waskin, acknowledging the difficulties faced by the KWSB and the dire need for an increased maintenance budget, agreed in principle for the conduction of an efficiency audit of the Dhabeji pump.

Praising the KWSB’s working system and the efforts of its employees, Waskin said, “The USAID program is aimed at assisting important institutions, such as the KWSB, in improving their efficiency and quality of services. We are willing to make all possible efforts to ensure that these institutions can better serve Pakistan and its people.”

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