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US to help Pakistan end energy crisis

Vinay Chawla, Deputy Coordinator for Development and Assistance, US Embassy Islamabad, said the US government will help Pakistan end the energy crisis besides enhancing trade between the two countries.

Addressing a meeting at the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) on Monday, Chawla said the United States government also wanted to enhance its economic relationship with the present government.

“US civilian assistance to Pakistan has five pillars including energy, economic growth, community stabilisation, education and health,” said Chawla, adding that the US’ development cooperation budget for Pakistan is the second largest in the world with USAID providing over $2.8 billion in assistance since 2009 and $723 million in 2013.

Chawla said energy projects had added 900mw to the power grid, which would reach 1200mw by 2014, to supply electricity to an estimated three million households.

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