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Upsolar launches “smart” PV modules in UK

Upsolar has launched its “smart” solar PV modules – which contain solar PV optimisers made by Tigo Energy – in the UK for the first time, the company said last week.

The modules are MCS-certified, which means the modules are eligible for financial support under the UK’s support mechanisms, such as the feed-in tariff and Renewables Obligation.

To make a module “smart”, Tigo Energy’s optimiser is integrated into the junction box during the manufacturing process, which Upsolar claims enhances the flexibility of system design, eases the installation process and reduces balance of systems costs.

The company then uses patented so-called “impedance matching technology” to maximise the power generation. Additionally, systems featuring smart modules are equipped with real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing customers to access and analyse performance data at the module level through Tigo Energy’s module-level monitoring software and mobile app.

The Hong Kong-based company has partnered with local PV service provider Ecolution, in an effort to take advantage of the latter’s two decades of experience in the UK renewables market.

“Aligning our company with a reputable name like Ecolution Renewables vastly expands our reach across the region,” said Justin Canning, Upsolar’s UK manager. “As Upsolar’s valued partner offering MCS-certified smart modules, Ecolution can provide its customers with a major opportunity to further enhance their PV offering.”

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