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Two nuclear power plants to be commissioned by 2016

Two nuclear power plants, 340MW each, are under construction at Chashma and are expected to be commissioned by 2016, with Chinese assistance.

Construction of these power plants became possible after a long-standing agreement, while three other nuclear power plants already commissioned in the country are performing well. According to official sources, a major chunk of the PAEC budget has been allocated to two nuclear power plants, adding PAEC envisages production of 8,800MW by the year 2030 through nuclear power reactors.

“An amount of Rs34.6 billion has been set aside for ChashmaNuclear Power Plants, C3 and C4. The total cost of these two projects is Rs190 billion which will be partially funded by a Rs136 billion Chinese loan.”

The government has so far spent Rs62.4 billion on the megaproject having a 660MW generation capacity. With Rs34.6 billion additional spending, the government will be able to complete almost half of the work by June 2013, the official said.

According to an official in the Ministry of Science and Technology, the government is harmonising the efforts made in the energy sector by different ministries, departments and research centres by creating an “Energy Council” with heads of relevant organisations.

The council will be entrusted to advise on priority areas for Research and Development (R&D) and management of resources and to fill the gaps.Acquisition of technology for building nuclear power reactors through R&D, as well as transfer of technology agreements is also under consideration, he said.

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