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The Most Powerful Photovoltaic Panel in the World?

Viridian Solar announces the launch of a new range of higher power Clearline PV photovoltaic solar panels.

The use of higher performance cells has improved the power output and the largest panel format (the PV30 at 3 square metres) achieves a rating of 500Wp per panel.

“People like to think in round numbers and often target array sizes in that way, particularly in whole kilowatts peak.” says Mike Chorlton, National Sales Manager at Viridian Solar, “The 500Wp panel now means that you can hit those targets with just 2 panels for each kWp, giving a much cleaner-looking installation.”

Clearline PV photovoltaic solar panels are optimised for in-roof installation using Viridian Solar’s patented rapid roof flashing detail. Matching Clearline solar thermal panels can be installed alongside for combined installations of solar heating and solar PV so customers can benefit from both Feed in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive.

The new panel performance is as follows:

Panel                     Peak Power

PV15/245           245Wp

PV20/330          330Wp

PV30/500          500Wp

Full data Sheet


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