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Thar Coal project ready to produce power

Eminent scientist Dr Samar Mubarakmand has said that the government’s lack of commitment is a major hurdle to production of power under Thar Coal Power Project in the country.

“The government has failed to provide the required funds to start two-year 100MW coal power project 2010-2012 as it only provided 10 percent of the required funds by the close of two-year project in September 2012,” he said while talking to The News after a session on Interferon held here at Centre for Advanced Molecular Biology (CAMB), Punjab University, on Friday.

Dr Mubarakmand said the project was ready to produce electricity but was not operational due to lack of funds to establish the power generation set up. Under Thar Coal Power Project, he said, we had already dug up 38 wells but it was useless to burn the coal without installations to use coal energy for power generation.

“We are waiting for a sensible government that would release funds to enable us to produce electricity through coal energy,” he observed, saying that it was the most important sector that required government’s attention but remained the lowest priority. “The electricity shortage will make its presence felt in the summer season,” he added.

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