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Tech ministry to focus on renewable energy

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) is to initiate large scale production and marketing of renewable energy and electronic products in the country, hoping to ensure both optimal utilization of all available resources and produce cost effective products.

MoST along with STEDEC Technology Commerciali­sation Corporation of Pak­istan, Pakistan Council for Renewable Energy Techno­logies (PCRET), National Institute of Electronic (NIE), Telecom Industry of Pakistan (TIP), Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT) have signed a memorandum of understanding to design, develop, produce, and market renewable energy and electronic products on a large scale.

Under the memorandum, NIE and PCRET will develop and produce prototypes of products and pass on the complete technical know-how to TIP, which will be responsible for mass scale production and marketing of products. STEDEC will undertake all financial and commercial aspects.

A joint working group representing all four parties as well as MoST and MoIT will select the designed products and prepare workable operational model and standard operating procedure for taking the products from their initial stage to marketing level.

Tarar said the reasons for this unremarkable performance include weak industrial linkages, trust deficit between the industry and the public sector, development of non-demand driven products, and lack of entrepreneurship development facilities.

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