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Sui, Qadirpur gas reserves to be depleted by 2022

Dr Asim Hussain, adviser to the prime minister on petroleum and natural resources, said on Saturday that the gas reserves in Sui and Qadirpur fields will deplete by 2022, which are meeting around 25 percent needs of the country.

“Natural gas in Sui and Qadirpur fields will be depleted by 2022,” the adviser said at a seminar titled “Shale gas potential in Pakistan”, which was organised by the Petroleum Institute of Pakistan.

“The two fields are producing one billion cubic feet gas (bcf), at present, which is around one percent of the total needs of the nation,” he said.

“The total production of gas these days stands over 4.2bcf, which was 3.7bcf at the time when Pakistan Peoples Party formulated its government five years back,” he said. “The gas is depleting at the rate of 10 percent per annum of the total production.”

The total estimated reserves of natural gas in Pakistan stand at 34 trillion cubic feet. Therefore, the shale gas is the future of Pakistan. “Reserves of shale gas in the country are estimated to be around 65 trillion cubit feet.”

The adviser said that a ship has left the coast a day ago to conduct “ultra deep survey” to estimate reserves of oil and gas there. The Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) and the United Energy of Pakistan are doing surveys on three such blocs in the country. The cost of the survey is estimated at $12 million. “Pakistan has done some work on ultra deep projects in 1970’s and since then the work is on halt.”

Pakistan will continue the work on the Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project, despite threats of economic sanctions by the United States. “Pakistan is an independent state. It would continue doing projects in the interest of its nation.” The exploration and production of the energy resources is the driving force in any civilised country, which controlled the destiny of the countries and nations.

The days of cheap energy (gas) and compressed natural gas are over now. Every individual and house should go for energy conservation, he said.

Dr Hussain emphasised on the need for balancing the country’s energy mix, which heavily depends on natural gas. “We have exhausted natural gas, brutally burnt for cooking foods, transportation and power generation.”

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