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Solar steam generators of India’s first CSP plant in full operation

Godawary Green Energy Limited has launched India’s first grid connected 60MWe Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant that relies on the Steam Generation System from Aalborg CSP & Sojitz Corporation.

The successful start is also the first installation of the optimized Aalborg CSP SGS3 technology for Steam Genarator Systems providing the CSP plant with key operational benefits.

The Godawari 50+MWe Plant is India’s first commercial CSP plants and expects to produce 130 GWh green electricity annually in the Jaisalmer District. The heart of the power plant delivered by Aalborg CSP & Sojitz Corporation was installed and commissioned in March 2013 before the full plant commissioning phase.

The Godawari project is the first operational plant to utilize the key features of Aalborg CSP’s improved steam generators, the SGS3 system, that was designed to carry high bankability potential through its state-of-the-art boiler technology. The CEO of Godawari Green Energy Limited, Mr. JP Tiwari emphasized that in addition to fulfilling technical specifications, plant economy was as an important aspect to consider when deciding on the steam generator partner: “The innovative Aalborg CSP design for the steam generating equipment helps the Godawari CSP project meet the required production goals”- added Mr. JP Tiwari.

Increased plant performance, higher availability

Aalborg CSP’s steam generator technology is developed based on traditional boiler solutions. It is therefore 100% welded coil and header-type with up to 4.5mm thick tubes, designed according to the ASME standards. This eliminates leakages and thereby reduces downtime throughout the lifetime of the system. By reducing downtime – productivity, electricity earning and the general payback time of the power plant is greatly improved. Svante Bundgaard, CEO of Aalborg CSP states, that based on the very good performance track record of the equipment Aalborg CSP in Spain will very soon announce a 5 year guarantee against leakages for new SGS3 projects.

The steam generator design is optimized to guarantee a high gradient up to 9°C/min thus allowing a rapid ramp-up time every morning and at transient clouds. This can ensure more than 30 minutes extra operational time on a normal 9 hour daily thereby increasing energy production by 5% and increases daily revenue accordingly.

These two main design elements together reduce Levelized Cost Of Energy (LCOE)of CSP Plants by at least 5%, but in some cases up to 10%. Aalborg CSP not only designs and delivers the steam producing equipment, but also follows the project from its inception to the final commissioning and handover.

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