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Solar-powered wireless electrochromic glass is wireless

SAGE Electrochromics Inc has developed electrochromic glass that is solar-powered and can be wirelessly controlled with an iPad.

SageGlass Simplicity is a solar-powered wireless version of SageGlass electrochromic glazing solution. It is dynamic glass, which is is electronically tintable glazing that maximizes daylight and outdoor views in buildings while controlling glare and heat gain. It can darken or clear manually or automatically to save energy and help keep building occupants continuously comfortable throughout the day.

While traditional dynamic glass is powered by a low-voltage wired connection, SageGlass Simplicity requires no electrical wiring. A thin strip of solar photovoltaics at the bottom or on the side of each pane provides sufficient power to control SageGlass tinting throughout the day. A low-profile electronic controller and battery provide a wireless communication interface and back-up power for up to two days if necessary.

SageGlass Simplicity is suitable for projects in which access to a building’s electrical wiring is impractical, such as hard-to-reach skylights or clerestory windows.

SageGlass Simplicity can be configured with light sensors to tint automatically in response to changing sun or seasonal conditions. It can also be integrated wirelessly to work in conjunction with building management systems from vendors such as Siemens, Lutron, Schneider and Johnson Controls.

The SageGlass iPad app can display a variety of energy monitoring and activity information, such as solar PV voltage, current battery charge and window tint percentages. SAGE is working on iOS and Android versions of the app to extend.

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