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Solar Energy to Power Streetlights: Energy Minister

Energy and Mines Minister Chaudhry Sher Ali has said all streetlights will be powered by solar energy at the city district level in the first phase and then solar energy would be made available for homes.

He said this at a briefing given by the Chinese National Electric Engineering Company Ltd regarding the thermal and hydropower projects.

The minister said the government had been trying to overcome the energy crisis by utilising all available resources like thermal, coal, solar, biogas and hydropower generation. He said to produce maximum power within the shortest possible time and taking legal action against the electricity thieves without any discrimination were the top priorities of the government. Sher Ali said electricity thieves were harming the nation. He said completion of the Taunsa Beraj Project, which would provide 120 megawatts, along with establishing Quaid-i-Azam Solar Park in Cholistan and the production of power with biogas in sugar mills would benefit the country. He said another power park would be established at Gaddani at a cost of Rs 60 billion from which the country would get 5,000 megawatts. He said 1,000 megawatts would be generated with biogas in sugar mills. He said for the production of energy, the government was providing maximum cooperation to foreign companies.

China National Electric Engineering Company Ltd Commercial Manager Daniel Tian briefed the minister along with the participants on the hydro and thermal power projects being undertaken by the country. The provincial minister assured them of the Energy Department and the government’s cooperation.

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