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Solar energy programme

The Buksh Foundation and LPP held inauguration of ‘Lighting a Million Lives’ project. This event celebrated the completion of the first phase of the LAML project in district of Lodhran, whereby 4 villages were electrified in this phase; impacting 2,500 individuals directly through it.

The celebration were organised at the Bhollay Wala Village, one of the solar lit villages where the LAML project has been setup with 50 solar lanterns and a mobile charging kiosk for a population of 400 individuals. The event organised by the LPP staff was chaired by Jahangir Tareen and the guests included the CEO of Buksh Foundation Ms Fiza Farhan, and Project Manager Ms Anam Imtiaz; welcomed by around 1500 locals who cheered with solar lanterns in hand.

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