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Solar energy can help solve severe crisis

Light is a symbol of development and prosperity, said Rasool Bux Dars, a prominent writer and educationist.

He was addressing the closing ceremony of a project for the provision of 115 household solar systems in Jhimpir union council, Thatta district.

The project was implemented by the Centre for Environment & Development with the support of the Small Grants & Ambassador’s Fund Programme of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Speaking on the occasion, Dars said the people had been using kerosene oil for lighting purposes, which is not only a health hazard, but also expensive for the poor rural communities.

The provision of solar system has brought significant benefits to the beneficiaries of the area, he added.

He said Jhimpir was a backward and neglected area and its people still lacked basic necessities of life.

Nasir Panhwar said solar light was environment-friendly as well as cost-effective and it needed to be promoted not only in areas without electricity, but also across the country for combating the energy crisis.

He said the area people were now being provided with safe electricity as opposed to still dreaming of having grid electricity.

Elaborating on its benefits, he said the community could save money that was earlier used for kerosene lights.

The community is safe from the harmful reptiles and can keep an eye on their belongings, like livestock, and concentrate on their domestic chores and the education of their children, he added.

Qadir Palari said that according to reports, the increase in health-related

problems, like asthma, was caused because of using kerosene oil.

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