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Russia offers 5,000MW of electricity through Afghanistan

Russia has offered Pakistan to export up to 5,000 megawatt electricity through the Kyrgyzstan-Afghanistan route.

A high-level Russian energy delegation is visiting Pakistan to extend cooperation in all fields of energy, ranging from import of electricity to LNG, natural gas, coal power production and oil and gas exploration.

The Russian delegation led by deputy minister for energy comprised representatives of major energy companies.The delegation met Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms, here on Thursday to discuss cooperation in the energy sector.

“We are very much encouraged with the new government and Russian investors are eager to invest in the energy sector of Pakistan”, Russia’s deputy minister for energy in his opening remarks said.

Ahsan Iqbal, said “there is a lot of potential between both the countries for cooperation. We have not yet tapped even 10 percent of what we can.“We welcome Russian investment in our energy sector. We have good memories of cooperation in the past like the construction of the Pakistan Steel.

“We are in the centre of three major engines of growth which puts us at strategically an important position. South Asia, China and Central Asia represent a market of three billion people. Russian investors should take advantage of this opportunity.”

Russian deputy minister stressed the need of constituting a working group to tap the potential of energy cooperation between the two countries.Russian delegation also offered cooperation in modernising existing thermal plants and shifting them into coal-fired technology. Russian investors offered 100% technical and financial solutions for the Jamshoro and Muzaffargarh power plants. They also showed interest to invest in Gaddani Power Park.

Russia is building hydro-power plants in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan including 3900MW project in Kyrgyzstan and looking for new markets to export cheap electricity. Russian delegation made an initial offer of 1000MW which would subsequently be increased to 5000MW.

This electricity will be available throughout the year. Russian companies also showed interest in export of LNG and oil exploration in Pakistan.Ahsan Iqbal said “we have bad as well as good memories of past.Now is the time to forget the bad memories and look into the future”.

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