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Renewable energy council to setup solar panels in 250 houses

The Pakistan Council for Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET) has announced that it would illuminate 250 houses (300 watt) with solar panels in rural areas.

Over 500 people would be indirectly employed due to activities generated in the field of rural electrification through solar energy. Around 51 scientists, engineers, technicians, skilled and semi-skilled people will receive direct employment, as the PCRET has already initiated the production of high quality solar panels.

The project’s objective is the up-gradation of silicon crystal growing and wafering, cell fabrication and lamination facilities. It will help enhance the indigenous production of solar cells and modules up to 80KW per annum, along with the promotion of clean and renewable solar energy through a photovoltaic process.

A PCRET official said this production of solar panels had been designed to upgrade facilities to produce 80KW Photovoltaic modules per year. He said the project aimed to promote clean energy technology, and the utilisation of the product would save additional 43 tonnes of carbon dioxide. After the production of 80KW, it would generate power equal to 173MW annually and 9.5GW in 10 years, which would be equal to 900 tonnes of Kerosene oil in 10 years, and would reduce carbon dioxide emissions up to 2,365 tonnes in 10 years.

The PCRET has already initiated some projects including solar energy, wind mills, micro-hydel power plants, bio-gas, solar heaters and thermal solar devices.

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