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Reduce line losses, speed up recovery from big fish: PM

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday said that power line losses should be reduced and recovery from the provinces and big institutions should be speeded up while dealing with the energy crisis.

The prime minister will personally monitor the latest data about the availability and consumption of power from different modes on electricity.The Ministry of Water and Power has installed equipment showing the latest data on electricity generation and its consumption at the Prime Minister’s Office. Nawaz also took notice of non-provision of gas supply to thermal power houses.

According to the statement released from the PM House, Nawaz Sharif ordered to ensure gas supply to power houses on immediate basis and sought a report from the authorities concerned.

He said Pakistan’s huge alternative energy potential holds the key to overcome the acute energy crisis facing the country. “All avenues need to be explored and every effort needs to be put up to tap in the alternative energy potential of the country,” he emphasised.

The prime minister expressed these views while speaking at a presentation given to him on solar energy resources in Pakistan and investment opportunities by a consortium of foreign and local companies.

The consortium showed confidence in his leadership and informed him that the pro-investor policies of the present government have attracted them towards investment opportunities in Pakistan.

The prime minister said that his government would go an extra mile to facilitate those companies and firms which transfer technology through their investments in the alternative energy sector in Pakistan.

He observed that Pakistan possesses huge potential of solar and wind energy and reservoir of coal and other fossil fuels to produce electricity and if utilised optimally it would help to improve people’s standards of living.Meeting was attended by Khawaja Muhammad Asif, minister for water and power, Dr Mussadiq Malik, special assistant to prime minister, and senior officials of the government.

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