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Power tariff up for whole country except KESC

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) has increased the power tariff by Rs1.55 per unit. However, the decision will not affect the life line and KESC consumers.

The electric power regulator has hiked the power tariff by Rs1.55 per unit for the month of January under the head of monthly fuel adjustment. The authority held a hearing here on Thursday with its Vice Chairman Shaukat Ali Kundi in the chair on the petition of Central Power Purchase Agency (CPPA). During the hearing, the CPPA argued that the reference fuel price for the month of January was Rs8.95 per unit but the factual cost of the fuel turned out to be at Rs10.55 per unit.

According to the Nepra, the reason for the raise in fuel cost was the reduction in hydrogeneration and production of gas. The CPPA said in the month of January, it sold out 5.9450 billion units and on account of increase in the price of gas and furnace oil, the cost of the electricity had increased.

“However, the transmission losses during the month of January remained at 3.5 percent instead of achieving the target of 2.5 percent,” the CPPA stated due to which it braved the loss of Rs 650.50 million.

Nepra, while expressing its apprehension over the additional transmission losses, asked for a detailed report on losses from the CPPA. The regulator also asked the CPPA to provide the details of the agreement with Iran on import of electricity and also sought details of payments made to Hubco in the heads of its start up and bonus to its employees.According to the regulator, the decision will be implemented only when the Islamabad High Court releases its detailed decision on the Monthly Fuel Adjustment case.

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