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Power shortfall hovers around 5,000MW

Shortfall in demand and supply of power continues to show an upward trend, causing extended hours of loadshedding in provincial metropolis.

According to official figures, the shortfall of electricity is at 5,000MWs as electricity generation is just 9,400MWs while its demand is at 14,400MWs. Resultantly, loadshedding, spanning over 10 hours a day, continues haunting the consumers against the planned outages of just two hours in urban and rural areas.

People are also facing the menace of unannounced loadhshedding for over two hours in a row. Centralized power regulation system, being run under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Water and Power, shuts power supply any time for over two hours, causing immense discomfort for the masses.

The shortfall of electricity has been over 4,000MWs during the last one month, showing utter failure of the economic managers in increasing the power generation.

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