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PML-N finalises short-term plan to end power crisis

The PML-N has hammered out a short-term plan to erase the Rs500 billion circular debt once and for all through treasury bills, an expert of the party involved in finalising the strategy to overcome the crippling power crisis told The News. The amount will be arranged through T-bills to erase the circular debt and the required fuel will be provided to all power plants so that maximum electricity could be generated. However, the power tariff will increase manifold because of the increase in usage of costly fuel in the power plants but the priority of the government would be to provide electricity to the people even at half the cost of tariff. “We want to ensure the economic wheel of the country moves so that economic activities could be kicked off.” “We have also decided to tap the offline capacity of the thermal power houses, which is 23 percent (3,500 MW), not being utilised just because of vested interests and there are many projects which are non-operational just because of technical faults,” he said. “Some plants are non-functional because of some peculiar reason as there is no fan on the power plant.” About 2,200 megawatts would be added by the sugar industries through begasse. “We will focus on electricity pilferage in Gencos, Discos and then on power theft by unscrupulous consumers. In addition, we will plug the stealing of fuel of $300 million per annum on way from Karachi to public sector Gencos.” “It is also brought to our notice that the system sustains loss of Rs300 billion per annum just because of electricity theft.” Dilating upon the short-term plan, he said the PML-N administration will appoint honest and professional CEOs to all Discos, Gencos and NTDC and to this effect it had finalised the names. “Likewise, in a bid to turn around the Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs), we will appoint honest professionals as heads of these entities.” The PML-N is also all set to wipe out the CNG industry due to which the UFG has increased to 13-14 percent. “We have analysed that this sector is involved in huge gas theft and the gas being used in CNG sector will be directed to the power and industrial sector.” “We will ensure the targeted subsidy and lifeline consumers alone will be provided subsidy and we will withdraw subsidy from all other consumers. Currently, all consumers are getting Rs5-6 per unit subsidy on electricity.” “We have also identified some projects which are matured, but not ready to come on stream because of vested interests. Moreover, inefficient plants will be made operational as soon as possible.”

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