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Pakistan must focus on hydropower

Irfan Mirza, an expert on energy sector, has said that Pakistan should greatly concentrate on hydroelectricity production in the coming days, a statement said on Saturday.

There is no reason that can be attributed for the shortage of energy in Pakistan, he said.

“To redress the energy problem, we tilted our focus to thermal and we opted for oil-based products,” he said, adding, “At that time the oil prices was very low in the international markets but with the passage of time prices of oil-based products raised and we suffered.”

“The major problem in the energy shortage is that of the circular debt, as we don’t have money to pay to electricity companies due to which the companies can’t pay for oil.”

As far as hydropower is concerned, he said, India has concentrated on the hydropower and constructed dams on the Pakistani rivers.

“We could properly plan this area of energy,” he said, adding that there is no concept of renewable energy resources in Pakistan.

Electricity theft is also contributing in the energy shortage and unfortunately previous governments didn’t focused on electricity infrastructure due to which 25 to 30 percent of electricity is lost in theft, he added.

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