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Pak Oasis, PCRET sign MoU for solar energy

Pak Oasis Pvt Ltd and Pakistan Council for Renewable Energy Technology (Ministry of Science & Technology) signed an MOU for a joint venture for production of solar panels in Pakistan. This venture is about working on an indigenous solution to promote Pakistani products and will require the technical skills of young engineers, thus creating massive job openings in all areas on an equal opportunity platform. Pak Oasis believes that their capable engineers will develop the latest and innovative solutions in this area and will be recognized as the best Pak Oasis engineers working in various parts of the world. Commenting at the signing ceremony; Irshad Hussain, Chief Operating Officer, Pak Oasis said: ‘Our Company strives to operate in a manner that is friendly to the environment and is precautious of exhausting scarce natural resources such as the earth’s fossil fuels. It is no secret that the use of fossil fuels is the leading cause of global warming and is damaging the world’s environment irreversibly. Khalid Islam, Director General, PCRET was exceedingly optimistic of Solar Energy growing in Pakistan and commented: ‘I feel in today’s time, energy self-sufficiency is exceedingly important for industrial development in any nation. Pakistan is a sun-friendly country and the 6th luckiest in the world where sun-availability is up to 16 hours on average.**

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