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The government has recently announced many mega projects, including the Gadani Energy Park, the Lahore-Karachi Motorway and the Khunjerab-Gwadar corridor. All these projects will be executed by Chinese companies. The government has, however, not disclosed how much financing will be required for these mega projects and from where and on what terms this financing will be made available.

Have any feasibility studies, mandatory environmental impact assessments, traffic studies been carried out for these projects? The prime minister desires the completion of almost 1300 kilometers of a six-lane motorway from Lahore to Karachi in the next 30 months. This will be a world record of some sort if accomplished. What about PPRA rules? Will these be followed or will they be conveniently brushed aside? The government needs to take the public into confidence otherwise we may be in for a period of lavish spending on these projects without following the established procedures and hence none or very little accountability.

Engr Hafeez Ullah Awan


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