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Meeting of working group on energy,emphasis to implement five year plan

First Meeting of Working Group on Integrated Energy for Pakistan Vision 2025 and 11th Five Year Plan 2013-18 was held here at Planning Commission under the chairmanship of Secretary Planning, Development & Reforms, Hassan Nawaz Tarar. Farkhand Iqbal, Senior Chief Energy said that energy sector in the country had been suffering from serious problems, as our industries were being closed and shifted to other countries, exports and per capita income had also decreased.

These problems were identified few years ago when Pakistan GDP touched 7.4% due to healthier socio-economic conditions, but due to ill-planning, lack of ownership, political interference at all levels of economy, inadequate funding and most importantly due to very bad governance in the past, the desired results could not be achieved.

He also said that operational efficiency in generation, transmission and distribution system also remained very low in both public and private sectors.

Political interference on the management of DISCOs has become the norm in making it difficult to ensure high levels of management issues.

He informed that Planning Commission has now decided to take the lead role and initiate the process of consistent and coherent policies and laws to formulate and prepare 11th Five Year Plan 2013-18 as well as Vision 2025.

He also emphasized that the 11th five year plan 2013-18 and vision 2025 would not be a plan like the plans of the past, but it should be a realistic, doable and a must to achieve the desired growth rate for the next decade to make Pakistan an industrialized and Knowledge Economy, as was envisioned by the Founding Father and the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

All eminent scholars, experts, scientists participated in the process of making Five Year Plan 2013-18 and Vision 2025.

Secretary Planning, Development and Reforms also stressed upon various aspects of Energy Planning and Conservation of Energy.

In the end, four working groups were formed for energy generation, transmission and distribution system.

Second sub-groups were formed for discovery and mining and transportation of fuels such as gas, coal, oil and other imports, 3rd sub-working group was made for alternative energy development.

Energy efficiency and conservation, fifth was for constitutional reforms.

Senior Chief also thanked the participants and chairmen of all sub-workings and stressed upon hectic efforts to be made to bring out the country from the massive load-shedding, and emphasized on moving ahead together for Pakistan’s Energy Security, Sovereignty and Sustainability.

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