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LHC CJ orders steps to save energy

Lahore High Court chief justice Umar Ata Bandial has called upon judiciary to play its part in the national cause of energy conservation, underlying the need for change of attitude and life style at the institutional level.The change should be exemplified by the privileged and followed by all segments of the society who have access to electricity, he said.

According to a circular issued by the registrar, the chief justice observed with great concern that the officers and officials of courts did not pay attention to this serious issue of energy shortage in the province and normally it had been found that, in spite of the fact that the respectable judges were sitting in their retiring rooms/chambers, the staff did not take pain to switch off unnecessary lights and air conditioners. The similar is the position of offices/branches, he said.

As soon as judges leave the court rooms for chambers, the staff would be responsible to switch off all the unnecessary lights and air conditioners. Similarly in branches, every officer/official shall personally switch off all unnecessary electric gadgets when he leaves office, he observed.

After the close of office hours at 04:00pm, the ACs be turned off, however, the officers/officials who sit late, are allowed to use one air conditioner in case of hot weather and officers/officials of adjoining offices are advised to sit together in one office to avail the facility.

The supervisory officers will keep watch for ensuring correct usage of electrical appliances in their respective offices as well as for strict compliance of the above directions, the circular said.

The Accounts Branch has been directed to report from next month what difference with reference to utility bill, etc, had occurred after issuance of the said communiqué, the circular maintained.

The nation is in grip of a serious energy crisis that is not only affecting all sectors of the economy but also causing serious unrest amongst various segments of the society. Therefore, adoption of various conservation measures is need of the hour, circular concludes, it stated.

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