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LED lights to ‘curb energy crisis’

Energy-efficient LED lights produced by the National Institute of Electronics (NIE) will be installed in major cities in an effort to overcome the prevailing energy crisis in the country.

“Efforts at all level should be made to promote Science and Technology, and its projects should be result oriented and productive for the people,” Federal Minister for Science and Technology Zahid Hamid said during his visit to NIE.

Director General NIE Zafar Iqbal Khokar briefed the minister on the organisational structure, objective, achievement and other issues in the organisation.

Hamid said government, planners, policymakers and government functionaries realise the importance of technology-based knowledge economy and its implementation.

He stressed that the developed products, research and development products should be commercialised through public-private manufacturing sectors. Earlier, he visited various labs of the institute, including power electronic lab, communication lab, pilot production lab of electronic products, PCB fabrication facilities and quality testing lab.

He encouraged the Institute to come up with more meaningful and intensified achievements in the areas of indigenous technology development and product development.

He suggested NIE to make joint ventures with national and international partners to increase the production capacity and meet the demands of quality conscious markets.

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