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Lahore streetlights to be switched to solar energy: Shahbaz

Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that besides promoting the traditional methods of power generation, work is also being carried out expeditiously on producing energy from alternative resources.

He was talking to a delegation of a Turkish group of companies associated with the energy sector, EAE, led by its Chairman Samil Perk, on Tuesday.

Shahbaz said the roadmap evolved for the purpose would yield far-reaching results and Chinese, Turkish as well as several other foreign companies had expressed keen interest in the projects of generation of electricity from coal and solar energy.

He also welcomed the offer of the Turkish group of companies for switching the streetlights over to solar energy and expressed the hope that an agreement would soon be signed in this regard after which streetlights of Lahore, as well as other big cities of the Punjab, would be switched over to solar power. He said the move would not only result in conservation of electricity but streetlights would continue operating during loadshedding, as well.

The chief minister said the government had adopted a solid strategy during the last two months for controlling the energy crisis due to which loadshedding had decreased. However, there was a need to work on this front with commitment and dedication.

He said revolutionary reforms were being introduced in the power sector. He said the circular debt of Rs480 billion had been repaid in 50 days while China, during the visit of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to the country, agreed to cooperate with Pakistan in the energy sector.

The CM further said that Chinese and Turkish companies as well as those of various other countries had expressed their interest in cooperation in several projects based on hydel, coal and solar power. He said work was being resumed on the Nandipur power project and Chinese engineers were coming to Pakistan. He said Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park was being set up in Cholistan.

Welcoming the visit of the Turkish delegation to Pakistan, Shahbaz said Pakistan and Turkey were bound together in strong ties of friendship and several Turkish companies had made investment in the Punjab. He said the glorious project of metro bus was a splendid example of friendly relations between Turkey and Pakistan. He said the Punjab government was taking solid measures for developing the solar power sector and installation of solar lights was being made compulsory in new commercial plazas.

EAE Chairman Samil Perk, while offering cooperation to the Punjab government in switching over streetlights to solar energy, expressed desire for an agreement in this regard.

Provincial Minister for Energy Sher Ali Khan and other officials of the Turk group of companies were also present.

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