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Kalabagh Dam vital for national progress

Participants at a book launch titled “The future war will be on the issue of water” written by Malik Habib Ullah were of unanimous point of view that the construction of Kalabagh Dam was imperative for future development of Pakistan and the role of political leadership is vital in this regard.

The ceremony was held at Al-Hamra Hall which was addressed by former advisor Dr Salman Shah and prominent columnists, including Amjad Islam Amjad, Asghar Nadeem Syed, Irshad Arif, former federal minister Muhammad Ali Durrani and an expert Dr Shafiq.

Dr Salman Shah termed the book of Malik Habib Ullah father of former federal minister and Chief Secretary Punjab Malik Naguib Ullah, as an encyclopedia on water issues. He said that the wars were held on precious things and water was the most precious thing for Pakistan. He claimed that the worth of one million acre water was worth $ one billion while the total capacity of water flowing in all the rivers of Pakistan was 140 million acre. He was of the view that the total GDP of Pakistan was $200 billion which included 20 percent agriculture sector. He deplored that the storage capacity of water flowing in the rivers of Pakistan was of 30 days which was minimum in the world. He stated we were wasting water in sea during the floods worth billions of dollars. He claimed that if Pakistan managed its water it could handle the issue of balance of payments quite easily. He termed the political leadership of Pakistan as its enemy as it was responsible for putting in back burner the issue of Kalabagh; otherwise, there was consensus among the experts that its construction would benefit KP, Sindh and Balochistan, he added.

Malik Habib Ullah speaking on the occasion claimed that survival without water was impossible and ever living thing on this earth required water for the continuity of life. He claimed that it was duty of the government to protect water. He attributed prevailing sorry state-of-affairs due to mismanagement of water reservoirs. He termed the agreements with India on water as violation of basic human rights. He asked the entire nation to be prepared to counter the evil designs of the enemy. Amjad Islam Amjad said that Malik Habib Ullah had explained his point in an excellent way in which he tried to apprise the 30 percent population of urban areas about the issues of 70 person population living in rural areas. Asghar Nadeem Syed termed Habib Ullah as farmer-friendly figure who launched a campaign for the benefit of farmers. Irshad Arif paid tribute to the writer that he had timely raised the most important issue faced by Pakistan.

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