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Hydrocarbon reserves exhausted: Dr Asim

The exploration and production scene in Pakistan has become quite difficult, as well as costly as the easily accessible hydrocarbon reserves have exhausted, says Dr Asim Hussain, adviser to the prime minister on petroleum and natural resources.

“Now we have to tap more complex and unconventional reserves as we cannot endlessly depend on imported resources,” he said.

He was speaking at the introductory session regarding “Stress Field Detection” technology, which was employed by Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) for the first time in Pakistan.

Developed by NXT Energy Solutions, a geophysical service company based in Canada, Stress Field Detection is a cutting edge, eco-friendly airborne reconnaissance method to identify potential hydrocarbon traps and reservoirs and in a time and cost effective manner, especially in unexplored onshore and offshore frontier regions with limited access and infrastructure.

SFD is expected to be particularly useful in the current energy scenario, warranting fast track identification of and production from relatively deeper, more complex reserves to bridge the demand-supply gap.

Dr Asim said that the technology has been employed in Kharan Bloc in Balochistan and it has started good results already.

SFD is highly time effective, reducing the time for particular survey from two years to five months and 80 percent cost effective, he said.

The present government is well aware of the energy situation in the country and is taking all measures to arrest the demand-supply gap, said Dr Asim.

He highlighted the government’s consistent efforts in streamlining an enabling an investor-friendly regulatory and fiscal framework and working environment for the oil and gas sector.

“As evident by our recent initiatives, including the Petroleum Policy and Tight Gas Policies 2012, bidding round for 60 exploration blocs and road shows held to draw foreign investment, the government is determined to transform the oil and gas industry into a fully integrated energy enterprise using the best available technology. Bringing SFD is a step in that direction,” he added.

“Our efforts and policies would bring a significant change in the situation in times to come whether we be in the next government or not,” said Dr Asim.

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