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Govt asked to introduce strict laws against energy theft

Saghir Tahir, a civil engineer and an expert in energy conservation, has stressed upon the need of introducing energy codes, saying the government should also focus on energy conservation along with exploration.

Talking to TheNation here on Tuesday, Tahir held that the past governments in Pakistan did not make any effort to reduce energy usage unlike other nations. “Energy conservation means insulating roofs and walls to prevent energy from escaping in industrial, commercial, institutional and residential building.” He said that he worked in United States for years in the sector and offered his services for the country.

“Country is entirely dependent on oil imports and a large percentage of energy is spent on heating and cooling,” he said, adding the coming government should format policy to find internal sources to meet future demand. Talking about the importance of energy conservation, he said it would reduce energy consumption, increase productivity, create millions of jobs and protect the asset of the country.

“There is no system of roofing and water proofing. No new building should be allowed to construct without determining R-value—resistance value.” Old building roofs should be replaced with insulate and waterproof roofs, he suggested. He was of the view that the process of replacing old roofs would take five to ten years and would reduce energy consumption by 50 per cent. “I can help government in writing energy codes and government should implement it with full enforcement.” He said the civil work would create millions of jobs in the country and large money in shape of tax would go to national exchequer.

“No building is allowed to be constructed without implementation of energy codes in United State, China and other country and Pakistan should follow it,” he stressed. Saghir Tahir suggested that government should introduce strict laws against energy theft, introduce solar lamps and there should be no free units for Wapda employees. He regretted that non-existence of energy codes, mostly non-insulated structure of buildings, no credible proofing and waterproofing systems and waste of energy had been sharing a lot in energy deficit of the country for years and that had we develop a better system, the loadshedding and energy crisis could have been resolved.

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