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Govt apathy over energy shortage lamented

The spokesman of the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (Aptma) has lamented over the poor response of the government towards an unprecedented energy shortage for the textile industry. He said the energy supplies are totally nonexistent for the textile industry in Punjab.

He said the supplies were disrupted even before the lowest level of electricity generation and attacks on energy installations, including gas pipelines and electricity generation plants in different parts of the country.

The Aptma leadership, including group leader Gohar Ejaz, central chairman Aptma Ahsan Bashir and other office bearers have been holding press conferences time and again to highlight the alarming energy situation in the textile industry but all went in vain, as nobody from the government was available to respond, he said.

He said the Aptma leadership has clearly warned the government of the deteriorating situation in the industry due to the energy crisis.

At present, the energy crisis is hitting the production levels hard and creating unrest among textile workers throughout the province of Punjab. It is highly misfortune that some 450mmcfd gas is totally suspended due to the terrorist attack on the gas pipeline and the grid stations are also being closed down due to the short supplies of fuel. Consequently, the industry is paying through nose, as cancellation of export orders is abnormally on the rise since over the last two weeks.

He said repeated appeals from the Aptma leadership are falling on the deaf ear of the policymakers.

The industry is passing through the testing time. He said the Aptma leadership is calling on the chief minister Punjab today to apprise him of the gravity of the situation in Punjab.

Already, the Aptma leadership met the governor Punjab a day earlier and briefed him about the colossal losses meted out to the industry due to energy supply suspension.

The association leadership will also make presentation to the minister for petroleum on April 20.

The spokesman said some 10 million textile workers are left in the lurch due to rising uncertainty and the textile industry supply chain is completely disrupted.

He has also expressed serious concerns over the insecurity of energy installations in the country, saying that any further attack would thicken the uncertainty in the industry.

He has urged the President Asif Zardari, Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso, and the Minister for Water and Power and the Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources to take stock of the situation and save textile industry in Punjab from being wiped out and the workers associated with the industry from joblessness.

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