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Global Panel Database

ENF presents a collection of data of 17,164 solar panels(16,740 crystalline panels and 424 thin-film panels) in Excel format that cover 554 panel manufacturers’ products.

We have especially selected large manufacturers and manufacturers with international certifications in our coverage.

This is:

– An ideal sourcing tool for system integrators, installers, distributors and wholesalers to find the panels that best suit their needs

– A benchmarking tool for manufacturers to see how their products compare to their competitors.

Key Features:

– Standardised data template: Information carefully copied into a common template.

– Freshly collected data: We frequently review large manufacturers for newly released panel.

– Independent collection on quality certifications from the laboratory, not the manufacturer

– Links to download each panel datasheet in the original manufacturer version

– Missing module efficiencies calculated

– Certification ID number, and links to certification page on laboratory website

For more on this report: http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/2499814/global_panel_database?rfm=rss

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