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Germany offers 400MW power to Pakistan

While power politics is being played out in the Western capitals and in the region to wean away Pakistan from pursuing the $7.5 billion Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project, Friday saw Germany and the United States offering to bridge the gap in the country’s dismal state of energy deficit and to improve revenues of Discos. While German firms will ensure over 400MW solar energy for the Punjab, the USAID Power Distribution Programme is working jointly with Discos in Pakistan to improve their performance in terms of reduction in losses, and improvement in both revenues and customer services. According to a statement from the German Embassy, representatives of the German solar company DEQ-SYS GmbH, a subsidiary of Energiequelle GmbH, has signed an MOU with the Punjab government for providing over 400MW solar energy. Meanwhile, the Multan Electric Power Company (Mepco) Audit Committee and Board of Directors (BOD) chairman met representatives from the USAID Power Distribution Program, to consider adopting the recently-completed Accounting Process Organisation manual. The accounting manual aims to bring transparency in the financial reporting system, facilitate record keeping of each accounting process, enable management to obtain accurate financial reports on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, help organise and manage the assets and liabilities of Discos, support coordination of accurate financial report and adequate financial disclosures, promote compliance with applicable reporting framework, law and regulations, provide standardised documentation flow, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation in financial functions.The Mepco became the first Disco to issue the results of its internal audit under the new framework.

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