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Gaddani power project to meet shortfall

Iftikhar Qaisrani, an energy expert, has said that the PML-N government is serious towards generation of electricity and the new Gaddani power plant is an example of it.

Talking to Radio Pakistan, he said that the project is an important initiative of the government and it will play a positive role in meeting the 3,500MW shortfall, which is being faced by the country, at present.

Qaisrani said that electricity generation from alternative sources such as coal is the need of the hour, adding that it will be provided to the consumers at cheaper rates.

Highlighting the importance of Gaddani power plant, Qaisrani said that this step will help the government overcome power crisis in the country.

Four plants are being established in Gaddani corridor, he said, adding that the initial capacity of these plants will be 4,200MW.

He also said that the government is trying to increase the number of plants from four to 10 in the near future, which will produce 6,600MW.

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