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Foreigners keen to invest in energy sector

Federal Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Muhammad Asif on Sunday said that a comprehensive strategy was being evolved for overcoming the electricity loadshedding in the country. Under the programme long and short term power generation plans will be undertaken to tackle the energy crisis in the country.

Talking to reporters here, Kh Asif said that special attention would be focused on long term projects for producing sufficient electricity for the future needs and these projects would be initiated with the assistance of donor agencies. Several foreign countries including Sweden and Norway have showed keen interest in investing energy sector of Pakistan to benefit the people of the country and Norwegian and Sweden companies will visit this region for assessing the prospects in energy sector,” he disclosed.

The federal minister stressed that Pakistan was rich in natural resources and short and long term hydel power projects would be initiated in near future. Kh Asif said that attractive opportunities were available for the foreign investors in wind, solar and hydel power generation projects and expressed the hope that foreign investors would avail the bright opportunities in hydel and solar sectors. The Minister regretted that no practical step could be taken by the previous governments for energy sector which resulted in the energy crisis deepen and the common man was facing serious hardships.

The Federal Minister for Water and Power stated that campaign against electricity and gas pilferage would further be accelerated across the country, adding that the objective of the vigorous campaign was to eliminate the tendency of power and gas pilferage from society and generate revenue. He claimed that the campaign was yielding results, adding that the electricity theft mafia was engaged with this practice since past 40 years across the country damaged the national exchequer adversely.

Under the drive special steps are being taken to detect the employees of distribution companies and Sui gas involved in this malpractice because without the involvement of staff the pilferage of electricity and gas does not possible, he elaborated and maintained that the staff lured the public into less billing and minting money for their personal gains. Kh Asif continued that this malpractice had been causing severe financial loss to national exchequer.

Kh Asif said the government was committed to weeding out this practice from the grass-roots level in society. The impact of this drive against the electricity and gas theft will help increasing the revenue of distribution companies considerably and its results would be visible in the near future.

The Minister said that black sheep would be purged from both the power and sui gas sectors and strict action would be taken according law besides departmental inquiry against the staff indulged in pilferage of electricity and gas.

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