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Focusing on small energy projects

IT is a matter of great concern that at a time when the country is having an acute energy crisis, feasible and small energy projects are struggling to even get started, such as the Golan Gol hydel project in Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

It is likely that the cost of such worthy projects goes up with time, turning them economically unviable as time passes. It would be better if the government alters the mechanism for starting and completing all such schemes. A target – oriented approach may be introduced, which should be backed by periodic reviews.

More autonomy can be given to government agencies involved in the energy sector for easy implementation of all small and feasible projects.


‘Save water save Pakistan’

ENGINEER B.A. Malik in his book titled ‘Save water save Pakistan’ has a startling report quoting the resolution of the NWFP cabinet against the Kalabagh Dam and in favour of the Bhasha Dam. This was also reported in Dawn (May 1, 2005) as under:

“In the case of Kalabagh project NWFP would not be eligible to get net hydel royalty profit in accordance with the constitutional provisions because the power houses would be established at a place falling under the jurisdiction of Punjab … (and) … the cabinet had resolved that Bhasha dam had more benefits than Kalabagh dam project,” added a local government minister.

In view of the above, the cat of opposition to the Kalabagh Dam was out of the bag as early as 2005, which is the main reason of opposition to the Kalabagh Dam.

The ruse of flooding of Naushehra by the KBD lake, which would have, in fact, ended 15 miles from Naushehra, was used to throw dust in the public eye.

Such a blatant lie by the former NWFP cabinet has no parallel in history but the wrong persists till now while the gullible people fail to take notice thereof.



Ideal site

KALABAGH is an ideal site for a hydroelectric dam but it has been made into a controversial issue.

As of today, when there is no dam, there is a certain quantity of water flowing down the Kalabagh point round the year. The quantity is gauged at Kalabagh and Chashma points and recorded on a daily basis. This water should be allowed to flow down the river, irrespective of whether there is a dam.

During the 2010 floods, Nowshera and its adjacent areas were devastated. What the region needs is an embankment to protect the people, their property and fields all the way from the Mohib Banda village to Akora Khattak.

The Warsak dam today is almost a dormant hydroelectric site, producing little or no electricity. What a pity?

Kalabagh is the only feasible site from where the gravity-fed canal can irrigate vast tracts of barren agricultural land of Dera Ismail Khan, Tank and their adjoining areas. The canal will bring prosperity and economic well-being to the areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The role of the Economic Committee of the Cabinet (ECC), Council of Common Interest (CCI) and the Ministry of Water and Power is to ensure that electricity and water are available for all, and all hydroelectric sites are utilised to the fullest.

I guess the vested interests want thermal and rental power plants and not cheap energy since their own energy needs come free.

It should be made sure that water from the Indus is given to both Sindh and Punjab whenever it is needed the most since cultivation and harvesting periods are different between the two provinces. Shares could always be adjusted during the course of the year.

AIR CMDRE (r) ISHTIAQ AHMAD KHAN Chaillianwala, Mandi Bahauddin

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