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Exploring wind energy

NAWAZ Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif are fixated in the idea of ensuring an almost loadshedding-free Pakistan. Besides, they belong to a family which has been in business for quite some time. They know better than most what a ‘good deal’ is. Invest and harvest.

Besides the coal, why not also tap the wind that at least is free. Anyone who surfs the Internet has seen windmill power producing plants in the UK, the US and other Western countries.

We also have done something on it in Sindh and it appears to be working well. Why doen’t Nawaz Sharif ask for the financial figures versus the returns.

I say so because coal produces gases through which we lose points in one of the UN branches and wind being green (not even that). Let us try and harness it from Shandur top (where the game of kings is played) to the Sufaid Koh, besides the windy corridor of Karachi, Hyderabad, Thatta and Sukkur, where, people have wind catchers on top of their houses to bring cool air in. Let us try this wind energy. I think that this can come in line if we have the will.

If Nawaz Sharif succeeds, he would become our saviour.

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