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Energy resources to be exploited on war footing

Current energy crisis requires search for new energy resources on war footing while soaring global energy prices have put an unprecedented pressure on many countries and are threatening to undermine gains to economy made due to growth rates.

This was stated by Federal Minister for Inter-provincial Coordination Riaz Hussain Pirzada.

Addressing the closing ceremony of Annual Technical Conference 2013 jointly organised by Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE-Pakistan Chapter) and Pakistan Association of Petroleum Geoscientist (PAPG) at Islamabad on Wednesday the minister said, “The search for new energy resources on war footings was required.”

Availability of energy in Pakistan remains high on government’s agenda. Increasing local energy production is the only way to ensure cheap and reliable energy supply to the people and the industry of our country. Shale gas, tight gas and Thar coal need to be exploited to their full potential as has been highlighted during the conference.

The minister appreciated and lauded the SPE and PAPG to invite students from all over Pakistan to participate in the conference.

He said this will promote inter-provincial harmony in addition to dissemination of technical knowledge. The role of provincial harmony was substantial increased after the implementation of 18th Amendment, which posed this constitutional amendment a big change to resolve expeditiously and amicably the exploitation of hydrocarbon resources unhindered.

Theme of the conference was ‘Energy Revolution through Hydrocarbon Resources’ the word ‘revolution’ in the theme symbolised the need for a step-change to overcome the energy shortage faced by the nation.

The delegates presented case studies and shared their knowledge on different aspects of oil and gas activities, around 30 professional papers were presented.

Two student paper contests were also held in the categories of Earth Science and Petroleum Engineering. A panel discussion attended by the managing directors of OGDCL, PPL, Mari Petroleum, MOL Pakistan, KUFPEC Pakistan, Weatherford Pakistan and Schlumberger was also held which was chaired by Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Resources Jam Kamal Khan.

Dr Saeed Khan Jadoon from OGDCL, chairman of the conference, Imran Qureshi of Eastern Testing Services, vice chairman of the conference, SPE – Pakistan Chapter Chairman Masood Siddiqui, and PAPG Chairman Abdul Wahid Chughtai also addressed the conference.

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