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Energy development: First gasification plant in 2014

Head of the Thar Coal Underground Gasification Project said that Pakistan’s first gasification plant will start generating low cost electricity from next year. The renowned scientist Dr Samar Mubarakmand informed that the electricity generated from gasification will cost as low as Rs5-6 per unit. He said that tenders for the machine will be invited and the drilling machine will be shipped to Pakistan by the start of the 2014, while the installation work will commence right after. The renowned nuclear scientist said that he had invited gasification experts from Uzbekistan and China. Mubarkmand said that Pakistan has large scale potential of variety of energy resources including gas, coal, hydel, nuclear, sun and wind. He said that the current dependable power supply hovers around 14000 MW in summer whereas it drops down in winter. He confirmed that according to the reports, the power demand for Pakistan in 2030 would be more than 100,000MW.

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