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Electro Flow – a new product to ease power shortages

Energy shortages in Pakistan trouble practically every consumer, whether it is domestic, commercial or industrial user, who faces power outages coupled with drop in voltage, tripping, etc due to dilapidated transmission and distribution infrastructure.

Though these hitches are threatening the national economy, at the same time they are providing opportunities for the companies interested in coming up with solutions.

Electenergy Technologies Inc (ETI), headquartered in Columbia, US, with distribution networks in 112 countries, is now targeting to enter Pakistan’s market, believing this is the right time to provide the commercial and industrial sectors with equipment which can not only optimise power utilisation, but also guarantee energy savings of up to 34%.

“Pakistan needs solutions which can minimise the energy cost and provide optimised power quality, even at unequalled level of efficiency,” said Dr Mike Mehrdad, chief designer and analyst at ETI, in an interview with The Express Tribune. “For all such problems, our product Electro Flow provides excellent solutions.”

Electro Flow is a state-of-the-art energy saving and power conditioning system which ensures power quality and energy savings for industrial and commercial facilities regardless of size, voltage or frequency. This product is installed and used by multinationals across the world to monitor electrical parametres like voltage, current, harmonics, power factors, tripping, etc.

Industries and commercial centres in Pakistan face such issues quite often when voltage suddenly drops, resulting in temporarily halt to power supply. This problem many a time proves costly to factory owners as their machinery gets out of order due to technical fault. The situation gets even worse for some industries like steel and they have to wait for hours before the restart of production.

According to Mehrdad, Electro Flow protects, monitors and activates each stage independently and addresses multiple problems and functions simultaneously. This eliminates the need for purchase of different devices to address each anomaly, which may adversely interact with each other or the load.

To date, the company has installed over 15 million devices in 112 countries. In Pakistan, the company terms the response to Electro Flow “awesome”. Mehrdad said businessmen and industrialists were showing keen interest and hoped that the company would soon start assembling the product in Pakistan.

Since ETI is a private limited company, Mehrdad avoids sharing financials and the amount of investment it is going to make in Pakistan. “Investment is not an issue, we need an excellent response, which we are getting before investment,” he said.

To introduce Electro Flow in Pakistan, ETI is partnering with Industrial Solutions, a local engineering firm operating for the last 25 years. In the beginning, ETI will export complete units on order and, later, when the demand increases, the company will set up an assembly plant in Pakistan.

The product accommodates power load from 200 kilowatts to 5,000 kilowatts (five megawatts), costing in the range of $2,000 to $30,000 depending on power load of a unit.

The company has also made the product for domestic consumers, but it is currently going through the testing phase.

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