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Crystalsol receives €8m funding to develop flexible PV

crystalsol has received €8m from a variety of investors including Arax Capital Partners and public funds, to continue its development of a new type of flexible photovoltaic film.

“As lead investors into crystalsol we have managed to complete a substantial financing round to continue the development of crystalsol´s disruptive technology,” said Jari Mieskonen, managing partner of Conor Venture Partners, which led the financing round. “The key focus is on ramping-up a low investment roll-to-roll pilot production line for our semi-finished photovoltaic film. This semi-finished product will allow true integration into building elements of different shapes and sizes and will thereby eliminate up to one hundred percent of the sealing cost.”

“We have made excellent progress and are working on unique semi-transparent and coloured films to better integrate photovoltaic elements into facades and roof-tops,” said co-founder and COO of crystalsol, Thomas Badegruber. “Our flexible production process enables us to easily tailor the film according to customer specifications of the building integrated photovoltaic market.”

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