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Chinese, UK experts discuss waste-to-energy options

A delegation of Chinese and British experts visited offices of the Lahore Waste Management Company on Wednesday.

The objective of the visit was to discuss, share and explore the possibilities of mutual cooperation in the field of waste management with specific emphasis on the waste to energy options in the context of Lahore and Punjab, said a spokesperson.

The Chinese team was led by Prof Wu Chuangzhi of Gaungzhou Institute of Energy Conversion while the British delegation was headed by Neil Voughan Johns of Reality Renewables Ltd, the UK.

The Chinese delegation shared their experience of waste management at home and explained how they started managing waste from open dumping to sanitary landfill and other thermal and biological treatment methods of waste. They also enlightened how waste was being managed in China by using different treatment options like incineration, composting, anaerobic digestion etc.

Led by Managing Director Waseem Ajmal Chaudhry, the LWMC team shared with the visitors the waste to energy strategy of the company.

LWMC General-Manager (Operations) Khalid Majeed explained to the visitors the waste management in Lahore and the integrated solid waste management framework of the company. They were informed that the LWMC strengthened its waste collection and transportation system through international contracts and was now concentrating on scientific waste disposal methods.

The delegation members were informed that 1,500 to 2,000 tons of waste would be available for waste to energy project in Lahore for which LWMC has also advertised Expressions of Interests (EOIs) in national and international newspapers.

The Chinese expert explained that in their country waste was being incinerated for production of energy and rest of the waste was being composted or sent to landfill.

It was agreed to continue exchange of thoughts and in order to establish permanent cooperation in the field of waste management and waste to energy, both LWMC and Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion would contact their respective government for a formal agreement. The delegation from UK also paid visit to Mahmood Booti and Lakhodair sites.

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