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Chinese firm to set up wind turbine factory

Three Gorges First Wind Farm Pakistan (CWE) has planned to set up wind turbine factory in Gharo for manufacturing of towers, said Tanveer Afzal Mirza, adviser to chief executive officer of CWE.

He said this during a meeting with the Divisional Commissioner Hyderabad Jamal Mustafa Syed on Friday along with the Chief Representative CWE Wang Shenliang.

This will also transfer technology in the country, he said, adding the corporation is also planning to provide heath, education, drinking water, and civic facilities to local community.

The Gharo–Jhampir wind power project will be completed up to December 2014, said Mirza. The CWE is executing the project at the cots of $135 million. The project was launched in February 2013. He said that this power project would revolutionise social and economic status of local people through creating job opportunities and establishment of infrastructure.

Syed said that initially this project would generate 50 megawatts (MW) of electricity, but the capacity be increased to 500 MW within three phases. Around 100 MW will be enhanced in second phase.He said that the project would bring economic prosperity and transform the area into a developed zone.

The commissioner said that as per the survey made by the alternative energy experts, total potential of Gharo-Jhampir wind corridor can produce electricity to reduce the demand and supply. Besides, it will also provide income and employment opportunities to the local people.

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