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China offers 3,200MW electricity to Pakistan

Punajb Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that the Chinese government has offered Pakistan supply of 3200MW of electricity.

Addressing Chinese investors in Xinjiang on Thursday, the Punjab chief minister said the Chinese government has offered to export 3200MW electricity to Pakistan.

The chief minister said the present PML-N government immediately after coming into power started projects of generation of energy from hydle, thermal and other sources however maximum attention is being paid to solar energy for ridding the people of loadshedding as soon as possible.

The chief minister said that a solar energy park is being constructed in Punjab for generation of 1,000 megawatts electricity.

He said that this park would be among the largest solar energy parks in the world and there was a need for Chinese cooperation for the implementation of this project.

The chief minister said that he has not come to China to seek aid but has brought proposals for launching joint ventures. He assured that all-out facilities would be extended to the Chinese investors for this purpose.

The chief minister expressed the hope that the energy projects started in Punjab with the cooperation of the Chinese investors would prove to be a milestone in Pak-China friendship.

The chief minister also visited the factories producing equipments related to energy production in various cities of China and expressed keen interest in the manufacturing of windmill, power transformers and solar cells.

Talking to media persons before his departure from China, Shahbaz Sharif said that China has helped Pakistan in every hour of need and Chinese leadership has also assured full cooperation during his visit for overcoming power shortage.

The chief minister said that loadshedding would be eliminated with the help of the Chinese brethren. He said that the Chinese investors have also assured that a factory for producing solar panels would be established in Punjab.

On Wednesday, the Punjab chief minister visited solar plant at Hami, 600km away from Urumqi without taking rest after arriving at Urumqi, provincial metropolis of Xinjiang province of China.

Presently this plant is generating 1,000mw electricity.

Chinese officials assured the chief minister of their whole-hearted cooperation for providing solar energy to Pakistan as he inspected various sections of the solar park for three hours and obtained latest information about solar energy.

The chief minister also met with Li Jian Hua, the Chief Executive Officer of TBEA Group and later left for inspecting solar energy power plants in Xinjiang and its adjoining areas.

While talking to his hosts, the chief minister said that addressing the energy crisis was one of the top priorities of the present government and in this respect he had a lot of expectations from this visit.

He appreciated China’s keen interest and cooperation in addressing energy crisis and infrastructure development of the country.

Shahbaz Sharif said: “When our factories and mills will start getting power supply, they will function with full capacity, thus provide job opportunities to the common man”.

Vice Governor Xinjiang province, Mai He Su Ti Kurexi hosted a banquet in honour of the Chief Minister and his entourage.

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