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Briefing on renewable energy resources held

The Riphah Institute of Public Policy — a constituent institute of Riphah International University — organised a briefing on the ‘Renewable Energy Resources’ for Dr. Rashid Beebeejaun, deputy prime minister (DPM) & minister for energy, Government of Mauritius.

The Mauritius deputy prime minister was briefed by officials of the Pakistan Council for Renewable Energy (PCRET), Ministry of Science & Technology, Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), National Energy Conservation Centre (ENERCON) and the Ministry of Water & Power.

The experts, representatives and heads of the respective organisations apprised the DPM that renewable energy resources are very important in Pakistan’s perspective as there is an acute shortage of fossil fuels. Considering the potential of renewable energy in the country, the Government of Pakistan has taken number of steps to explore and promote renewable energies and energy efficiency strategies like; wind based power generation, solar devices and energy audit for conservation and improving energy efficiency in order to minimise the gap between demand and supply.

This will enhance the tangible contribution of renewable energy in energy mix which at the moment relies on gas and oil and the country has to pay huge amount of money as import bill.

Mauritius produces about 22% of its electricity from renewable resources consists; solar energy, wind energy, solid waste management energy, geothermal etc. The country is one of the leading players in the World in utilising the renewable energy resources.

The Mauritius deputy prime minister took a keen interest on the subject through extensive Q&A and appreciated the efforts of Pakistan and stressed that mutual cooperation may be carried out among the two countries in the area of renewable energy through some programs and further interaction.

Riphah International University Vice Chancellor Dr. Anis Ahmad thanked the participants of the briefing.

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