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Bara goes solar

The other day, I happened to visit ‘Bara’, a popular shopping centre, approximately five kilometres from University Town, Peshawar. To my surprise, I saw about seven to eight shops selling complete solar energy equipment imported from China and Korea.

If most of us install this equipment at our homes, it could solve the energy shortage problem in Pakistan to a considerable extent. A complete package of solar equipment that could run three fans and four energy saving bulbs was being sold for Rs55,000. This package includes a solar panel of 230 Watts, two batteries, a converter, and a controller. In this package, the cost of the solar panel alone is Rs18,000 which is highly cost-effective as compared to its price in the past. The prices of solar energy equipment have come down quite a bit in recent years. One wonders why our government hasn’t promoted the use of solar energy in Pakistan, and why our business community hasn’t ventured into the manufacture of such equipment. The government should have started a vigorous campaign for the use of solar energy in Pakistan.

Air-Cdre (r) Azfar A Khan



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