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Achievements of SBI

SBI has taken a wide range of initiative to highlight the competitive advantages of Sindh in order to attract all possible foreign investment in Sindh.

The initiatives and their results are as under:

1. Power & Energy:

1. With the efforts of SBI, the Wind Corridor of Sindh spanning from Gharo to Keti Bandar has been revitalised.

2. Initially, 20 Wind Power Projects were allotted 33,976 acres of land through AEDB for the production of 1,150 MW of energy in 2008. However till 2011, only 6 MW of energy was produced by M/S Zorlu Energy. Considering the critical energy needs, Government of Sindh through Land Utilisation department cancelled the allotment of land of all projects on an account of no progress except M/S Zorlu Energy Project land area.

3. SBI firmly took efforts through consultation to restore the land for genuine projects and as a result land allotment lease for 14 companies have been restored.

4. SBI had made tremendous efforts to make it a policy decision that the first priority shall be assigned to projects whose sponsors opt for FAST-TRACK option by agreeing to furnish bank guarantee of USD 300,000 per 50 MW and a commitment that the projects will be brought to commercial operations by March, 2013.

5. Through SBI’s expeditious facilitation, current status of Wind Power Projects is as follows:

5.1 Two (2) projects are at advanced stage namely M/s Zorlu Energy of Turkey and FFC Wind Energy Project.

5.2. Four (4) Projects are at initial stage of implementation namely Wind Eagle Energy (two projects), Al Abbas steel (2 projects), CWE of China and Sachal Energy.

5.3. Nine (9) Projects are at EPC namely Sapphire Wind Power CO Ltd, Metro Power Company Ltd, Gul Ahmed Wind Power Ltd, Master Wind Power Ltd, Zephy Energy (Pvt) Ltd, Lucky Energy (Pvt) Ltd, Beacon Energy, Green Energy, Tenaga Generasi Ltd.

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